About Public Urinals

This site is under development. When complete it will be a GPS-based lookup service to help you find public urinals. Whether your a tourist in a strange city and can't find a place to piss, or you just prefer not wasting your piss – the site will help you arrange casual hookups for piss play. Registration will be completely optional for pissers. If you're not registered, we'll just quickly confirm your identity by texting your phone and then you'll be allowed to contact available urinals in your area directly.

If you're a pisser…

The site will ask you your location, you'll confirm it, and then you'll be presented with a simple form something like this…

Describe Yourself

Describe Desired Urinal

When you submit the form you'll see a list of matching, available urinals in your area, and how far they are from you. In many cases you'll see their general location (closest major intersection). Once you login or confirm your identity with a text message, then you'll be able to contact the urinal directly. You'll then go to their place or meet somewhere like a park or public bathroom that's condusive to piss play, you'll give them a load and be on your way. Making these encounters quick and easy is the primary goal of the site.

Looking to give a cumdump a load of cum instead of just piss? We'll have that covered too – over at Cumdump Network.

If you're a urinal…

The site will allow you to set up public ads. You'll tell pissers what you're interested in – getting pissed on, drinking piss, or piss up your ass. And you'll specify what types of people you'll take piss from (male, female, trans). Pics will be optional, but will get you more loads of piss. Then you'll configure that ad to run at certain times and locations based on your availability.

This site will work best for urinals who are in a place where they can take loads of piss at a moment's notice. So folks who work from home in high-traffic areas (like a downtown core, or just off a major highway where there's easy parking) will do best. If you're picky about who gives you loads of piss, or have really limited hours when you can take loads, then you'll have more luck with Twisted Pigs – a more traditional fetish hookup site (also under development) that will be tightly integrated with this site.

Before placing an ad you should give some thought to your personal safety. We'll do minimal checks on the person, but that's the type of info that will simply help the police after something goes wrong. You should invest in a second phone number (there are a few inexpensive apps that let you have a second number on your cell phone). Then you need to take further precautions – being in a place with security cameras is a good idea. Meeting in a public place like a nearby park or a public bathroom may also increase your safety (though it can present other problems).